7 Products Millennials Are Loving Right Now

Certain home products are a must for organization. Scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and you’ll see neatly organized living spaces, including pantries, bedrooms and entertaining areas.

Organizing expert Ashley Stewart owns O.C.D (Organize. Create. Design), a company that helps people get and stay organized.

She shared her picks for seven must-have products for an organized home.

1. Baskets and labels

Stewart, who uses baskets all over her home, recommends getting a variety of styles for your different spaces.

Baskets in the kitchen can organize types of food, such as chips and crackers; baskets under the coffee table can hold games or blankets; and baskets in a closet keep clothes and accessories like scarves or swimsuits together.

“Everything has a home for it to go to,” says Stewart, who suggests labeling each basket with bin clips or chalkboard labels.

2. Decanters

Store pantry items in clear canisters.

“Taking all of your cereal out of the boxes, all of your flour and sugar and putting those into clear containers is a great way to make more space,” says Stewart.

Decanting can also help you to keep track of your inventory, which is convenient when it’s time to grocery shop. For example, you’ll know exactly how much pasta you have left because you can see it in your pantry.

3. Clear shoeboxes

Investing in see-through boxes can be very beneficial: you’ll easily see your flats or heels and shoes won’t get crushed or dusty. Plus, the boxes are stackable which is a definite space saver.

4. Velvet hangers

These non-slip hangers help to create a streamlined closet.

You’ll save space, too! Stewart estimates she saves 20-30 percent closet space by using velvet hangers, instead of plastic or non-matching hangers.

5. Step-expandable shelves

Forget digging into the back of the cabinet looking for a can of soup. These “can steps” are a big pantry helper.

“Cans are set up like bleachers so you’re able to see all of your cans,” says Stewart.

6. Lazy Susan

Your mom’s kitchen probably has this classic organizational tool, and you need it too. Stewart organizes her jars and bottles, including olive oil, vinegar and peanut butter on the spinning shelves.

7. Bar carts

Use this extra space to showcase your drinks and to display fun items like a wine cork collection or fun glassware. Bar carts are multi-purpose and are an additional storage option.

Kristen Castillo